The Lay Family Genealogical Association (LFGA) is a connecting point for sharing, researching and preserving Lay family genealogy, including alt spellings such as Ley, Loy, Leigh and Leh.

In addition to this website (which doesn't require you to register or log in), the LFGA offers its members:

  • 'Lay of the Land' (quarterly) newsletter
  • Facebook site
  • DNA Project
  • Assistance from experienced Lay genealogists

Become an LFGA member today and become part of our community.

Please see our Membership page for more information on LFGA memberships, or to renew your membership.


LFGA on Facebook 

LFGA has a Facebook "community" which is a great way for members to have discussions and share information with other members. Prospective LFGA members may also use our Facebook community for a limited period. To ask for access, send an email to our Facebook Administrator, Katherine Lay Breiter (see About LFGA >> Officers).