Lay Family Genealogical Association, Inc.

Welcome to the Lay of the Land!

The Lay Family Genealogical Association (LFGA) is dedicated to encouraging and preserving research on the history and genealogy of all Lay families (including alternate spellings such as Ley, Loy, Leigh, Leh, etc).

Some of our members are accomplished genealogists and family historians, while others are just beginning to learn how to research their family tree. All are welcome! 

The LFGA also welcomes visitors just passing by, and we encourage you to become part of our community by becoming new LFGA members!

Please note that our research and resources are for the benefit of our members and are not to be used for commercial purposes.

What does the LFGA offer to its members?
• website – to share info and to help people find us, contact us, and join us
• LFGA Facebook page – social media tool to share info and to help people find us, contact us, and join us
• Lay of the Land (LOL) quarterly newsletter – to share our Lay genealogy through member-contributed and research-based articles
• Lay DNA Project – to use DNA testing to further our genealogical research and understanding of our Lay family history
• Lay Lines Tribal Pages – to provide a separate website for LFGA members to build and document their Lay family lines
• Lay Family Genealogy eBook – to provide 630 pages of Lay family history compiled by the late J. Gilbert Lay (a flawed but valuable tool for Lay family researchers)
• Organization and Community – to provide a community of members with a Nonprofit Organization that supports their goals and values for Lay family genealogy

Most of our members are willing to share with other members! Please see our Membership page for more information on becoming an LFGA member, or to renew your membership.

Advice on How to Research Family History, Part 1

Excellent article in the New York Times by Elizabeth Shown Mills, a highly respected genealogist and author, answering readers’ questions about how to research family history using online sources, physical public records, and the stories and DNA of living family members.

See NY Times Article


I Have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy Test, Now What?
Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D. is the author of a popular blog called The Genetic Genealogist. Bettinger has engaged in traditional genealogical research for almost 20 years and is interested in the intersection of genealogy and DNA Testing. Download his free ebook called I Have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy Test, Now What? 






LFGA members no longer need to login to an account to fully utilize this website!

In past years, LFGA members needed a login account for this website to be able to access all information available (through this website). But no more. It turns out that LFGA members had a chronic habit of losing or forgetting their passwords! ;-)  So we decided it was time to simplify things. Anyone (LFGA member or not) can now use this website. Information that was previously reserved for LFGA members only (newsletter archives and contact info for other LFGA members) will be provided to members by means other than through this website.

LFGA Webmaster: Jim Cassio
email: jim7 (at)


LFGA on Facebook

LFGA has a Facebook "page" which is proving to be a great way to have discussions and share information with other LFGA members, as well as prospective members. To ask for access to our Facebook page, send an email to our Facebook Administrator, Katherine Lay Breiter (see About  >> Officers).