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Lay Family Genealogy Book

 At 630 pages, the Lay Family Genealogy book by the late J. Gilbert Lay is perhaps the most valuable tool for Lay research that has ever been compiled. Order your copy today for $56 postpaid!

Before you purchase this book, however, we encourage you to contact Gerald Lay for personal assistance. Gerald will try to ensure that the book offers you something you can use.

Gerald Lay
phone: (423) 912-6288
email: slim (at)

Then, if you decide you want to purchase your own copy of the book, you can decide whether to buy it online using PayPal, or offline by mailing a check to Gerald (using Gerald's mailing address that he will give you when you contact him).

However you decide to pay for the book, we ask that you return to this website and use our online book order form below. The information from the form will be sent to Gerald so he can fulfill your order as soon as your payment is received.

Note that the $56 book price is for delivery addresses in the Continental U.S. If you’re outside the Continental U.S., Gerald will figure out the additional postage cost.

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