Lay Family Genealogical Association, Inc.

The Lay Lines Tribal Pages is an exciting addition to LFGA!

The goal of the LFGA is to encourage and preserve the history and genealogy of Lay, Ley, Loy, Leigh, Leh, etc. families. With that in mind, a small group of LFGA genealogists created a Lay Lines family tree on a separate website for LFGA members. The family tree was started using the pedigree charts of LFGA members. The group then added as many Lay lines as they could, regardless of whether or not they were connected to a current or former member. The Lay Lines Tribal Pages website is available to current members of the LFGA.

There are more than thirty (30) documented distinct family lines in the tree and more than forty-five (45) lines with current research being conducted to determine their connections. With new information and sources, this has allowed the genealogists to merge many of our old Lay Lines into larger and more detailed lines.

For access to the Lay Lines Tribal Pages, please contact our LFGA archivist, Katrina Frederick:
(406) 220-3999 | kdfrederick (at)

Please also note that you must be a current LFGA member (not just a LFGA Facebook user).