Lay Family Genealogical Association (LFGA) Membership 

How much does an annual membership cost?

Is my membership tax deductable?
The LFGA is a non-profit organization, but it is not a charity or foundation. Check with your accountant to see if your membership dues can be deducted as a business expense. However, please note that the LFGA does not provide 1099 tax statements to its members.

What is the annual membership period?
Begins July 1 and ends June 30 (of the following year)

Are new memberships and late renewals pro-rated?
No. Regardless of what date a member’s dues are paid, they cover the membership through June 30, at which point the member’s dues for the following year (that begins on July 1) are due. The only exception is for new members who pay for their dues during the month of June. In this case, we apply their membership dues toward the next year's membership period.

What if my membership has lapsed?
Assuming that renewal notices are sent out on time, membership renewal dues should be paid by September 1 of each year. Members who choose not to renew shall be removed from the membership roll and current mailing and emailing lists. When they re-apply for membership, they are reinstated in the membership roll and on our mailing/emailing lists.

Do I have to prove I’m a Lay before becoming a member?
No! This is a genealogical association and membership is open to ANYONE who is interested and will support the values of the LFGA.

What if I don't want to pay for a membership online?
You are welcome to send us a check! Please make it out to LFGA and mail it to the address on our Contact Us page. We would also appreciate it if you would provide us with all the information that the form below asks for.

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